Camberley & District U3A

Camberley & District U3A  Registered Charity No:1086851

Frequently Asked Questions

 1. Who can join CU3A?

 A. Membership is not related to a specific age but a period in one’s life. The ‘Third Age’ after full time employment, (this includes people who may still be working part time).  There is no lower age limit for membership

 2. How is CU3A managed?

 The overall management is the responsibility of an elected Trustee Board, supported by management support teams.  The activities of CU3A are carried out by individual interest groups.

 3. How do I find out if a group I am interested in has vacancies?

 A. Click here to go direct to our Prospectus page

 4. What do I do if the answer to my question is not here?

 A. Click here to go direct to our enquiries page, fill in the form with your details and question, click on the button for the team relating to your question and press SUBMIT.  One of the team will get back to you with an answer, or for further information/discussion.

 5. Can I attend a group before deciding to join CU3A?

 A. Yes you can attend a group you are interested in once, please contact groups enquiries via our enquiry page, who will inform the group leader you may be attending.

 6. How much does it cost to join?

 A. Membership is £16 per year, if you join in the summer term you are entitled to a year and a term for your £16.

 7. How do I join?

 A. Please click here to go to our enquiry page and request membership information from our New Members Coordinator .

You will need to be a member before you can join a group or put your name on a waiting list.

 If you are already a member of another U3A you will need to join CU3A before you can join a group.

 8. Are there any other charges

 A. Yes, each group has a Term fee to cover the cost of venue hire, etc. This information is included with the group entry on both the Prospectus and Vacancies pages.

 9. How many groups can I join?

 A. As many as you like, although you might want to leave some time for chores!!

 10. If I join how do I find out what is happening or where to find information on groups/events?

 A. When you join you will receive a New Members Handbook which contains full information on CU3A.  Included will be your Membership Card and the login/password details for the Members Only section, where you will find all the current information on groups, timetable, regular events such as coffee mornings, monthly meetings, quiz and much more.

We hope that we have covered all the questions you have, if not please use our enquiry page, click here.